Take Charge! A Dream Life Beats a lifetime of Regret

Why is it that we have been so scared of living our dream life? Enjoying your good life life beats living a lifetime of regret hands down. I think with all the exposure we've got on the internet and social media, the dream life's becoming something outrageous and away from our grip. If you are constantly being bombarded by social networking you are being deluded and puzzled by what your dream life actually is. Mac Miller Type Beat

Perfection has now taken over what used to be classed as the dream life, from that which you see on the net on a daily basis everybody else's life is perfect and ours won't ever live up to what we face, we can never compete with the perfection, whether it is deluded or not. So how do you get a dream life without the confusion?

This will sound weird, as if you are reading this happen to be on the internet; you need to get off the internet a little more than you are on. Think about it realistically if you're constantly online how are you living this dream life when you're constantly lurking your Facebook, updating your status, posting photos of yourself and notifying any every move. Had you been really happy, busy and striving towards the ideal life and living this fabulous life your time and energy for social media could be reduced significantly.

So what is it that you need to do? How can you rectify the problem? My first words of advice is to look up. Easily see one more person travelling staring at their phone rather than the people around them I believe I am going to scream!

I had been out having lunch today, in private, no one on Facebook knew I used to be there and whilst I used to be out I watched a family with small children interact. The mothers and father all had their phones out plus they were showing the other person each other's Facebook pages at the same time yelling at the kids to sit down and eat their chips. Forgive my ignorance but if you ask me, it appeared to be a family, social outing. But all it turned into was a bunch of adults lurking on Facebook and ignoring their kids. So please look up! Mac Miller Type Beat

Next you need to find something are interested in. Not passionate, this can be another word that's bandied around too much. Just get considering something, we aren't all gonna be passionate and take over the world.


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